Tunes on a NY Wavelength

New York’s one of those cities with a music history so profound, a life’s study of the subject would barely touch the edges.  So uber props to all those artists out there, trying to make it.  Some more modern creators I’ve been enjoying are Onehotrix Point Never, TV on the Radio, Animal Collective and the Dirty Projectors.

But to bring things a little closer to home, a few friends have put out albums/eps (somewhat) recently and I wanted to share them with the community following TWJ.  Feel free to leave any feedback for the artists, and let me know if you’d like more contact info for bookings etc. 🙂


Melodious poptasticness from Stranger Islands (the lead singer is also a teacher at the private language school where I instruct ESL)


Baby Copperhead’s latest melange of musical exploration ….



And a funny hipster critique of the one song that’s playing in every store, in every cab, on every speaker in the bloody city (and I also can’t help but like it!) …


3 thoughts on “Tunes on a NY Wavelength”

  1. I really enjoyed Stranger Islands, they reminded me a bit of the TomTom Club (an offshoot of Talking Heads), one of my favorite groups of the 80’s. Baby Copperhead was interesting and the doofus hipsters made me laugh out loud!

    1. 🙂 Stranger Islands are playing in Sweden this week – I dig on their sound as well. It helps the singer is such a sweetie too! Glad you enjoyed all of it. All the fresh new NY tunes … w/o having to deal with the summer heatwaves. Whew!

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