Bagel Moments: When the City Talks Back

It’s beautiful the way the Universe takes care of bidness.

Extremes of helplessness and empowerment had been precariously mixing in the blender of NYC these last few weeks.  Due to a miscommunication with my ex-hippy landlord, I had about three days to find an apartment to move into … no easy task, regardless of new-ness to New York or yogi mind-control techniques … and then … voila!  The next day I receive an email from someone I’d contacted ages ago about renting a room.  Come to find out, she has a massive space, with built in closets, shelves and a desk (this is gold in NYC room-hunting), two windows, and a private entrance, right on 7th Avenue in Park Slope.  She’d just signed a lease with her boyfriend to land a sweet deal of her own, and found herself in a similar situation to me: on a three-day countdown ’til move-out day.  Despite 24 hours of the potentially-frightening notion of being homeless looming in my mind, it all ended up working out – for everyone.  As I write this, I am enjoying my first morning off in weeks, from the comfort of a very sweet find.

Another unusual synchronicity of note: I’d been looking into Master’s degrees in Public Health, Non-Profit Management and Social Work.  Just as I started researching Columbia’s offerings, the founder of Third Root Community Center, one of the centers where I teach yoga, brought in 25 students from Columbia’s Public Health Summer Program to participate in my Back Care class.  It was a fun class for all the newbies, and afterward I met a sister pursuing her PhD through the program, finding ways to address the HIV issue within particular populations … now I have a solid contact within the program and 25 new yoga fans as a cherry on top 😉

Sometimes I ask myself if I should be teaching yoga in New York.  So much of the offerings here are shallow, some studio owners a bit callous, and it’s nearly impossible to break in when you haven’t done a teacher training in their particular schools.  It’s so territorial.  And just when I start asking these questions, I get published in the New York Times for a class I lead through Hiking Yoga on Saturdays at Prospect Park.  It was a hearty ego-stroke, and one of many signs to continue teaching, even if it is only part-time for the time-being.  I had a student tell me the other day she felt spiritually-nourished after our Restorative class!  And another group of women welcomed me to Brooklyn after their Open Level class with open arms – literally!  It felt good to be appreciated, even if as a yogi I should be totally un-moved by the praise of others.

Word.  So it’s been a while since the last posting (again!) – but now that I’m actually in a place I could see myself living in for a year or so, things are back on track.

Thanks for reading, and watch this space for some light inspiration and tunes from a few of NYC’s new musical mavens…


2 thoughts on “Bagel Moments: When the City Talks Back”

  1. So glad you got a helping of good luck after all your hard work in New York, Jo! Enjoying all your adventures! luv Aunty Cindy

  2. Superb Yogi Jo. Keep bringing your positive yoga apps to the western world, its a better place for your efforts. And best of luck with the Columbia project, good move, and they are fortunate to have you onboard!!!

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