Summer Sucky Things and Counter-Inspiration!

The Summer Solstice, or Midsummer as it was once called by our European brothers and sisters across the pond, fell on a Wednesday this year.  It might have been a damp pagan mess over in the UK, but here in NYC, Mama Nature reigned down a full-on scorcher – yup, the longest day of year was the hottest day so far, a sweltering 98 degrees Farenheit.

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.”
– Russell Baker

Before writing a little journal entry, I thought I’d post 5 of the most inspiring tidbits I came across last week (I know, I’m late on posting – sorry guys, been a bit of a mad one over here!), to mark the coming of a brand spankin’ new season, and who knows what else the sunshine might bring … ’cause lawd knows I needed ’em, after some of the BS I’ve been encountering here!

1. Feelin’ a bit over-stretched from job hunting, demo-lesson-ing, and general fast-paced NYC madness (Dorothy, you’re not in the ashram anymore ….)?  Summertime jams, baby, turn it up and max the f* out! :o)

2. Everyone here is so … “doing my thing.”  What could be the answer to that?  First thing that comes to my mind has to be … Summer Romance!  This was a picture shared by a friend of mine in Amsterdam.  It really tug on a heartstring …

3. To counteract the sinking helplessness of having a former-hippy of a landlord, who talks a big game and doesn’t seem to get a damn thing done … A quote from the Dalai Lama:

Our good fortune is dependent upon the cooperation and contributions of others. Every aspect of our present well-being is due to hard work on the part of others. As we look around us at the buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel, the clothes we wear, or the food we eat, we have to acknowledge that all are provided by others. None of them would exist for us to enjoy and make use of were it not for the kindness of so many people unknown to us.

So does that mean, move your booty outta there, ASAP?  Or shine some gratitude on what he actually *does* manage to do (um….install easily-broken doorknobs….)?  Today I’m gonna wake up and send some loving thanks to someone (maybe not him) in a dedication meditation, or just tell the dude at my local grocery how much I appreciate the dark chocolate pretzels he stocks.  Tomorrow, I’m gonna send out an email to all the amazing women who’ve been helping a sister out here in New York, connecting me with their communities, and just generally shining their light.  Yeah, send some thanks.  That’s the good love.

4.  It’s hot as balls and being indoors feels like someone just unleashed the wrath of earth’s lives past on me.  The eco-friendly answer?  PICNICS in the shade!  Get a big sheet, some sangria, beers or Pimms, and roll out with a basket-fulla snacks.

That’s *one* way to do it! Is it just me, or is that guy in the front the only one who is comfortable with this situation??

5. One of my clients actually just made a pass at me – but not just any old pass.  One that includes paying me for “some sex.”  What the heck?!  Men need to learn how to control their bloody libidos.  And do it while you’re young, guys, because the older you get, the foggier your view of reality, unless you have a practice to keep you on track.  My summer inspiration answer to this kind of insanity?  Go to a yoga class.



Up in my hood, we have all manner of yoga spots.  From donation classes in the lineage of Dharma Mittra, to studios that have been open for over twenty years here in the Slope.   In fact, Park Slope was just named the most yogariffic neighborhood in the borough.  Not bad, Park Slope.  But just a train ride away, centers for meditation, Sivananda yoga and workshops from every lineage are available.  All a yogi has to do is choose …

And for a more escapist route . . .

Check out some free summer fun in your ‘hood.  I live in Brooklyn and there are scores of free concerts and places to explore in my immediate area.  Not to mention all the festivals, streetfairs and workshops going down.  Here are a few links to free fun in Brooklyn this summer:

Celebrate Brooklyn!

Time Out’s Guide to NYC Streetfairs Events’s idea of a good free time (a little off the beaten path ;o))’s more obvious (but equally as fun) list

Although at this point in time I hardly have time to breathe, let alone get out and do all those fun free things, I’m a sure a trip to the beach and at least one concert are in order.  Here’s to a joyful summer, ya’ll . . .


6 thoughts on “Summer Sucky Things and Counter-Inspiration!”

  1. OMG! “Some sex”! That is frickin’ hilarious!

    Here in Hawaii there are any number of free (or inexpensive) things in the summer – too many to actually do anything about! We usually spend our days at the library (free A/C!) or beach or pool . What can I say – we’re suckers for the water! Good for you for seeing the “up” side of things. I’m always trying to be the better person, myself, but some days it’s just fail. So good on ya! 🙂 Miss you muchly!

    1. Oh girl, I hear ya! Rather than being better, I’m often just the “trying not to go crazy right now”-er. 🙂 Sometimes it works … other times I have to get my booty to a quiet meditation place before I consider smothering the hypothetical offender…

    1. Oooooh, winter in NYC … better start thinking of yogic ways to prevent hypothermia … it’s been years since I’ve seen a real winter!

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