VOTE! What’s comin’ up next on TWJ?

This has been an incredible weekend.  On the one hand, I just found out I’m moving out of my apartment – in ten days!  Potentially stressful, perhaps – but I’m looking at it as an opportunity for something amazing to happen.

In the midst of intense room-hunting, I taught three incredible yoga classes, started taking care of an elderly man in the neighborhood, rode my bike up and down Prospect Park like I was training for a marathon, rocked out some volleyball with my old BFF, and just found out there are 634 followers of The Weekly Jo.  Daaaaaaaamn, that’s a solid community!  Hello out there!

We’re just two months into the NYC relocation and oodles of juicy blog subjects pop up daily.  I figured it was only right to put up a poll and find out what all ya’ll out there think about what comes next on TWJ.  Wanna hear more about my personal experiences, or do you prefer the proper articles?  Dig on reviews, or is it the vids that keep you interested?

Put in your two cents – or pence, rupees, yen, whateva! – and if you don’t see an answer that resonates, there’s a space for your own personal suggestions ….


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