10 Awesome Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Because after seven weeks in the toughest city in the US of A, lawd knows I need a little pick me up sometimes!

1. Visits with the homies!

What better way to put a smile on your face than catching up with old friends?  This week I got to see Erik Tyson and Daniel Hiza get married on a magical day in Jersey, just days after my sweetheart Madeline gave birth to her second baby, Millie!  I also had the pleasure of visiting with Ms. Kristen Kawachi, my former debate partner and goddess of the cool.  We ate some amazing pizza at Numero Ventoto, and cheered on the Celtics, despite their three-point bricks.

2. Teaching yoga at Park Slope Yoga, Namaste of Kensington, Bed-Stuy Collegiate, & Hiking Yoga

More on this topic to come, as my yoga schedule starts stacking up!

3. An old Katt William’s number that is ever so relevant while I sport my 89 job, mon!

4. Simple advice

5. Shit yogis say (great to watch this as a newbie to the American yoga scene and know what stereotypes to avoid.  Even if I *love* “Namste, bitches!” ;o))

Thanks, NatNat!

6. This beardy wonder makes me want a boyfriend.  So I can dress him in this.

7. Seeing my ex (and first love – awwww, kawaii!) in this super inspirational video.

The Glitch Mob tell the story on the Carson Daly Show

8. Could it be?? The FDA might finally be getting some long-needed regulation? 

Those guys have been targeting the wrong “criminals” for years, not to mention engaging in some pretty criminal activity themselves …

9. Gifts!

Ha! Am I really that shallow, that something as simple as material goods can make me happy?  Heck yeah, I am.  Part of the reason I’m always sending prezzies to peeps I know will appreciate, is because I’m a prezzie-holic myself 🙂  Sure, it’s important to remember they’re all just objects, just names and forms, transitory illusions, indeed.  And whatever happiness we gain from them is fleeting, yes.  But in that moment, and in every subsequent moment you look at or use that object, you think of the person who sent it, and you smile.  Aloha, guys 🙂

10. Revisiting an old (and very naughty!) combo: french fries and ice cream.

I used to eat this all the time playing at the bowling alley with my cousins, watching gramma roll strikes like a bandit!  Is it yogic?  Hells no.  Is it delicious?  Find out for yourself … 😉


7 thoughts on “10 Awesome Things That Made Me Smile This Week”

  1. haha which one of the 3? Edit?
    and mail me your new address ok?

    lol the yogi chicas!

    but the Mac/ Burgerking whatsoever stuff..
    I recently tried it again since a year or so (and before that another year?) but it didn´t do it for me anymore. It´s now tasting like plastic with sugar and fat to me. I don´t like to eat it. Mission accomplished?!? 🙂
    But I loooove some good fresh french fries si. 🙂

    1. Yup, edit! Haha, I was 14 years old! It is gross, Mickey d’s….but the ice cream and fries have some ingrained happiness factor to this day! I was surprised myself….having a baby prolly helps w eliminating the nasty foods completely! -?

  2. Hey hey Joey great blog (as usual) but I especially loved the yogi girl. Want some more presents? Send me your address!!!
    luv Aunty Cindy

    1. Always in the market for presents 😉 But it looks like I’m finding a new home (again – and yes, already!) … So far, NYC is no more stable than just being a semi-professional international nomad …

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