What is Love?

Nothing like a wedding and a new baby to make a girl think about love n life!

A few days ago I saw two beautiful souls pledge their life-long love for one another, committing not just to a partnership of growth and joy, but to contributing to a community that they could feel proud of.  My heart swelled in resonance when I heard this at the ceremony – where we all joined hands, standing in the shape of a rainbow, on the sunniest day of the year, beside a gorgeous foresty lake in Haskell, NJ.  We were all connected by their love, and as a part of this intimate gathering of friends and family, I felt honored.  Having known one of the grooms for 14 years, joy and pride coursed through me.  I ate many Lindt chocolates that day – in celebration, of course!



Lada Gaga showed up for a number, mothers danced with sons, and a young tattooed man in a tank top served us all copious amounts of booze.  It was the most fabulous Big Gay Wedding this side of San Francisco!

I got into a conversation with a friend of mine today about same-sex marriage and how its acceptance is a part of how definitions of human rights are changing, on a global scale.  And how, ironically, same-sex marriages are considerably more successful than heterosexual ones – probably because the institution really does *mean* something in the community.  It doesn’t *just* mean “I love you – for now.”  It means “I love you, we’re committed, and this is a symbol of what basic human rights should protect!”



Justa few days prior to the wedding, another dear friend I’ve known since college gave birth to a baby girl, Mildred, a feisty little ninjawho’d been kickin’ and punchin’ away in the womb with almost more fury than our beloved mama could take.  It must’ve been sweet relief when she finally popped out, looking absolutely adorable, I might add.  You never woulda guessed her martial background ….



When I visited Mad in Baltimore a few weeks prior, I couldn’t believe how visible the baby was inside her belly.  I mean, I could see her moving around from across the room!  People romanticize having babies, but it really does seriously rock your body.  And unless you have a personal trainer, it’ll probably stay rocked forever!  Can I handle this kinda thing??

Lives changed forever.  Love bonds that last a lifetime.  Two different kinds of love – but then again, are they?



Married love, family love, friend love – isn’t love, at its very core, a universal experience between two individuals?  It’s a space for people to connect and evolve – sometimes through sacrifice, and sometimes through shared moments of joyous experience.  It holds all the meaning you give it … it could be your reason for living.  It could be so transcendental it comes and goes freely on this plane, existing in infinity on another.

All this love talk made me think of this Krishnamurti essay on love that I really wanted to share again.  

So what’s love mean to you?  Co-creation?  Understanding?  Trust?  ….


4 thoughts on “What is Love?”

  1. Joey! Beautiful piece on the marriage.

    On the babes.. Babies rocks your body alright, but there´s so much unknown in our society about pregnancy and birth. In fact, I think when you as a yoga addict will dive into it when it´s your time (as I did as well) you´ll find so much more.. birthing doesn´t have to be that painful. Try to see videos from hypno-birthing for example. It´s mostly not knowing and modern life that seems to turn it into a torture. But like with all things: accept and give in, does half of the trick. When birth is more natural (and you know what you´re doing!) hormones guide your body before, during labour but also long after. Nature takes care.

    Also, in that line: breastfeeding will provide baby with protection for certain diseases, will add to bonding, lessens chance to breastcancer in mom and will alsohelp mom to loose weight and getting back to natural proportions without even going to the gym.
    So there´s much more and really, nothing to be scared of.

    And besides that: we also can communicate with the babies in the belly, but most experts who guide us, do not guide us in this process. So much knowledge is .. well not lost but not in the open anymore… I have a midwife who happens to know a lot. So I learned to communicate with my babes. My baby kicks sometimes as hell too.. but it´s not a random matter. Sometimes it has to do with me being restless and sometimes he wants my full blown attention and gets calm immediately.

    Well, so much to say about the subject! You´ll find out when it´s time I think.. it doesn´t have to be as most people ´´from modern western society´´ say it is.


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