Hiking Yoga in NYC

Hiking Yoga is the quintessential modern American yoga practice, the mind child of Eric Kipp, founder, yogi, athlete and family man.  One of the most prominent features of American yoga is the multitude of fusion practices popping up on a regular basis: Yogalates (yoga + pilates), Forrest Yoga (Native American spiritual techniques + yoga), and one of the more extreme versions of yoga synthesis, Yoga and Chocolate.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a full on choco-phile myself, but diving into the pleasures of my favorite goo from the gods is hardly compatible with pratyahara (sense withdrawl)!

So what’s the story with Hiking Yoga?  Is it worth checking out?

Partner asana at the Obelisk, Central Park!

The program started in 2009 and is now offered in 15 cities across the States.  It’s run by Eric Kipp and his wife and has seen press coverage as luminous as a feature in Forbes, Self, Men’s Journal, and this fine little article from Well+Good New York.

For an hour and a half, classes are led through local trails and parks, stopping four times along the way for asana sessions.

Although you could choose to make the hiking portion of the program a more meditative experience, or an opportunity to connect with nature, many friends, couples and singles come out to chat it up and have a good time.  One of the best perks of this set up is the students get a lot of valuable time with knowledgeable yoga teachers

Warm down stroll ~

Hiking Yoga just launched in NYC’s Central or Prospect Parks, and with this Groupon you can get a hearty discount off the regular fee.  So get your shoes and sunscreen on, kids – Hiking Yoga NYC is on!


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