Here I be, in the infamous NYC, my first two days filled with mobile phone research and set up, apartment viewings, job interviews, catching up with friends, the city’s white noise harmony in the background, collage of logistics in the foreground, visions of Custom Yoga International in the distant future, how on earth to Be Here Now?

But as a one wise man put it, “I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”  Well, wise may be putting it mildly, Buddha was considered enlightened and all, but the point is … get off your booty and rock it!  In that unique way only you can …

Whenever I’m gettin’ it done, on the train, on the intrawebs, or otherwise, I always appreciate an accompaniment of the musical sort … here are a few tunes to inspire … and a few more to set the tone after a long challenging day 😉

Unexpected electronic layering on this tasty little treat from soul legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bobby Womack … it’s off a new album released on XL, produced by Blur frontman (aka the white guy in the Gorillaz) Damon Albarn.  I love it when two worlds collide!


Not only is he signed to Warp, perhaps my favorite London music label (an undeniable industry game-changer), but he also happens to be from St. Alban’s, my favorite London suburb.  Checkout this atmospheric number from a dude named Clark …


Most excellent riding on the subways of NYC (and it doesn’t hurt it reminds me of my brief beachy rendezvous in Goa)!  Put on your dancin’ shoes and boogaloo . . .


In the midst of readjusting to city life, music provides a comfortable connection to my now distant memories of sweet tropical ashram life. Behold and be mesmerized, the King of Tabla himself, Zakir Hussain! <and the crowd goes wild!> Here at a very young age, with one of India’s greatest flute maestros, Hariprasad Chaurasia … divine in auditory form …


Seeing as I was just staying in the area of Dublin called The Liberties, I thought it only appropriate to pay homage to some local talent.  Imelda May is a rockabilly songstress straight outta the heart of D8, now winning the hearts of greaser boys across the nation (warning: contents may be disturbing ;o)


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