Genius at SFO: The World’s First Airport Yoga Room

February 5, 2012 –
You’ve just spent 5 hours in a teeny airplane chair, making small talk between chugging water and exploring eighteen versions of the neck roll. Deep breathing keeps your mind balanced, but your body is singing for an open space so you can get back in the asana groove.

Not to worry. If you’re traveling through San Francisco Airport’s newly-greened Terminal 2, you’ll have the luxury of the millennium’s most innovative airport amenity at your fingertips (and yogi-toes): The Yoga Room.

san francisco airport yoga room

The yoga room is graced with calming lights, rentable mats, ceiling to floor mirrors, and a floating wall meant to symbolize “a buoyant spirit and enlightened mind.” The space cost upwards of $20,000 and Yoga Lovin’ reckons it was worth every penny!What better way to escape the frenetic energy and consumer-culture of an airport than a nice comfy room for spiritual nurturing? Not to mention all the physical benefits of yoga postures for the frequent traveler.

If asana isn’t your conscious traveler’s technique of choice, T2 offers a Berman reflection room as well – a space intended for silence and meditation.

So make sure to book your flights through American or Virgin Airlines – because those are the only two domestic carriers who have the honor of offering this chic new terminal and all its bliss.

(and if you’re *not* traveling through Terminal 2 this trip, here are a few on-flight postures you can do in the meantime!)

(photo credits: featured – YogiToGo PR, promoting their mp3 yoga classes for travelers, photo of yoga room –

2 thoughts on “Genius at SFO: The World’s First Airport Yoga Room”

  1. Saw this article in the paper this week and thought of you! Cell phones and other potentially disruptive things are prohibited as well (I believe laptops are one of them). Exciting strides in recognizing the needs of the person as a whole – not just where they live and work but everywhere.

    1. Love it! The space we share is really community property and a lot of the habits we keep are actually detrimental to others. In Japan, they have a ban against smoking within a 100 yard radius of every train station, even in Tokyo. That country always has one finger on the fast-forward button, so ahead of the game! Then again, the blogger in me is going . . . “laptops?! Noooooo…..!”

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