Christmas on the Road!

Just a quick update to all my friends and family … HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I’m on the road from Madurai where I just finished my second yoga teacher training and will be spending the next chapter on the south coast of India.  We have a group of about eleven yogis and we’ll be celebrating our graduation, bringing in the new year, and appreciating the beaches for the next week or so.  Woo hoo!

Now that I have some Vedantic philosophy and the Baghavad Gita sorted out (a bit of a joke, that book could be studied for lifetimes!), I feel ready for a break.  During the course, I also finished a fabulous book on the history and cultural context surrounding modern postural practice.

A mini-review and personal blabberings on it all can be found on Yoga Lovin’.

Pictures soon to follow … but first … a Christmas train adventure with the yogi crew in India.  Wow, writing that out sounds absolutely surreal.  I love my life!

Big Hawaiian Hugs to all my loved ones out there …


2 thoughts on “Christmas on the Road!”

  1. Merry Christmas Jo – I sent you a couple emails and email gift, let me know if you got them! What a beautiful pic for the holiday, great to see. Enjoy your trip, we love you!
    luv Cindy Bob Kenz and Colin

  2. hey girlie girl! sorry to have missed your annual christmas phone call, but i got the messages you left. =) glad to hear you are doing so well and are enjoying your life as it is! there is no greater joy, is there? i wanted to send you a holiday card – can you pm me your address? gramma has one but i want to make sure she copied it down correctly. you know!

    we miss miss miss you over here and hope you’ll be able to come home for a visit soon.

    loves, hugs, kisses and aloha,
    k and the monsters!

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