Laptop-free Media

It’s nice to bid your lappy a fond farewell.

This is especially true when you know you’re skipping toward the welcoming arms of quite a few old friends.  Your little box of infinite explorations, handy though it may be, does suck up a lot of your time, at least if you’re me, and whilst i pretend it to be a tool of productivity, more often than not, it’s the ultimate procrastination temptation.

So I did it.  I took my dear laptop out of my carry-on bag and left it in my room in Dublin – along with the lists of blogs I’ve been meaning to write and pictures I’d planned on sharing.  No harddrive of music to exchange awesomeness through, no entertainment on the flights.  Who needs it anyway?  It’s only an hour to London!

Ad on the tube for a bookswap. Those rectangular thingies totally predate computers.

It wasn’t as though I was completely free from computers or phones – the former I had access to on occasion and the latter I had in my backpocket most of the time.  But it did feel a touch unheimlich . . . oddly naked . . . a simultaneously liberating and limiting experiment.

This is what happens when you type in "naked picnic" in google images. The best analogy I could imagine for a simultaneously liberating and limiting experience. "Yay, we're in nature as fresh as we were on our birth day!" Then, "Shit! Do I really need to walk way over there to get more hot dog buns?" Awkward.

I also noticed that most of my friends have smartphones, and the instant gratification of being able to find an answer to any question you have (wikipedia is just a few clicks away), or to feel 100% confident that you’ll never really get lost, even in a major metropolitan area (sweet sweet googlemaps!) … is pretty damn attractive.

Could you go a day without media?

In any case, in the next few weeks before my birthday, I’ll be posting 4-5 blogs per week to make up for the last few weeks of blog-silence.  It’s a kind of wrap-up for my summer adventures.  Yoga discoveries, mouthwatering foods, an essay on the art of hosting, blabbering about how brilliant my friends are, and a few travely comments on urban explorations.

Til then, a few media tid bits that crossed my path the last few weeks (even without a computer!):

This video makes me really happy.  Cheers, Danny!

Lisa Hannigan, a singer/songwriter from Ireland … really loving her voice.

A pisstake on misogynist hip hopping:

Stephen Fry (and the assmunch from House) go ballistic on linguistic flexibility. My first experience with Fry using this platform, and it gave me a new-found respect for him and his range.*Now* I see why people adore him so much!

Went to see this band with a friend in London at the Lexington.  I mostly stood in the back with my jaw slightly agape.  The laptop player (yes, this is a band member these days) played his bits with the computer in his hand (pretending it were a kind of instrument),  lead singer looked an awful lot like an old mate, the children dancing in the front were … children …. and the band kept letting fans come up on stage and sing their songs for them.  The gig aged me by about ten years!  But it was still fun.


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