Update from the Road

It’s been nearly six weeks since the kick-off of my Friends and Family Tour 2011 … and I am jonzin’ to be stable somewhere!  While on the one hand, spending quality time with my loved ones has been absolutely amazing … on the other hand, living out of a bag sucks a big one!

Even before embarking on this adventure, I was hesitant about the lack of comfort, reliable schedule, regular healthy diet (oh lord, the amazing food and tipples I’ve had … I hope my digestive system forgives me!), and the dip in daily yoga practice …

But seeing everyone, after a year of isolation in the desert, has been such a sweet gift …

From vegetarian deliciousness and the suburban bliss of Redwood City ….

Me, Christi and Chiffon ... gettin' silly one last time before take off!

To the sweet comfort of my one true home …

Child's Pose in front of my Gramma's house where I grew up.

Where my domestic goddess cousins showed me a good time, as always …

Perhaps the most delicous seared ahi ever created ... Chinatown sure has gotten funkier since I was a kid ...
Impromptu yoga class I taught to my cuz and her coworker.

… and I worked in as much time with my chicas of Iolani as possible.

Onolicious calamari ... grind 'um.
Soaking in every moment of Gramma and Aunty time!
Debate partners in crime ;o)

From Omaha’s pow wow experience

Drums and singing and feathers, oh my

To the Kelly Family Chi-town adventures …the Art Institute, a seriously superb Second City show, a town-sized flea market, a stroll through Lisle and the zoo (below)

Gorillas cuddling. I couldn't resist!
My wonderful Gramma Joan, enjoying the mysteries of the Asian supermarket!
Love this old photo of my grandparents ... back in the early fifties, lookin' pretty snazzy.
Who's that awesome 'lil emo chic? We are *so* related ;o)

There was even some time for a roadtrip on the way to celebrate Bridget and Ryan’s wedding, Freeport, IL

Rockin' the Converse post-ceremony. Nice.
Every roadtrip needs some shower time, no?

And these final moments of the trip have been such a blessing.  A week in Baltimore with my sweet Madeline seemed to go by so fast, even if ‘lil Walter is just gettin’ in touch with his inner banshee.

Bite? BITE. BBBIIIIIIITTTTTEEEE!!! We could have a future Steven Tyler on our hands...

Us three musketeers got a chance to paint Baltimore red ….

Trouble, anyone? Nigerian fitness instructors, beware!

And I finally got a chance to hang with my dearl old homey Tiff, now rockin’ it as a neurologist at Hopkins.  Go on, girrrrl!

Ho brah, trying fo' ride dolphins?

I took the train with Mad to her workplace in DC, which was an easy one hour from Baltimore.  In six hours, I saw more than a year’s worth of amazing art (and ate some amazing Ethiopian food from a truck).  The Mall is like a cultural Disney for adults!

Could those be rays of hope peeking out behind the capitol building? Nah, probably just a distraction ... ;o)
Dude slaying a dragon, Botticelli. Photoshop got nothin' on these guys...

Off to NYC, Brooklyn in particular, where I’m catching up with Namiko, bearing witness at Erik’s wedding to Daniel (can I get an ‘amen?’!), hanging with my girl Tamara, and seeing a big phat handful (or two) of old mates and acquaintances.  (more photos to follow)

A Brooklyn brew and a rather unusual bottle opener...

Contemplative moments have been just that … frequent and short-lived.  Though I have a few longer writing pieces in my mind, I haven’t had the time to organize them for the bloggy blog.  Days have been full of long-overdue conversations ‘n stories, yoga, catching trains, and answering 500 questions on this new dating site I was swindled into joining … Okcupid… check it out for shits n giggles, the quesitons are addictive!

I am keeping up with the Around the World in 30 Asanas series, and it’s even being featured on Elephant Journal.  The next pose will be the Goddess, dedicated to all dem ladies, workin’ their shakti energies, holdin’ down jobs, homes, kids and hubbies out there.  No easy task, by any measure.

Sayoonara for now … and until next time … this week’s bliss-maker (WATCH THIS, I GUARANTEE A GIGGLE!) ….


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