Detox: The Gentle Phase

Day Two of the Gentle Phase

The feelin’ is bright, light, and optimistic. It vaguely reminds me of my raw-phase in Tucson, six months of raw vegan grinds makes for a very different daily vibe.

The consideration, planning and creativity behind making exciting dishes with a very limited selection of foods can be incredibly exhilarating – as opposed to the frustration you might imagine going into such a stringent selection of edibles. By limiting the ingredients I use, I was able to explore the possibilities of each one in greater depth. Carrots weren’t just stalks to much on. They were grated to use as part of a dip or dessert, peeled to act as noodles, or sliced into crackers, where I could pile on raw vegetarian pates!

And if your creativity rolls up on a “cooker’s block”, there are loads of suggestions on Arise and Shine’s resources page (along with lists of do’s and don’ts at the supermarket, if anyone’s curious!).

This combo-salad I munched today damn near sent me into praisin’ the lawd! It was comprised of a broccoli-apple-sunflower seed-honey-apple cider vinegar portion, a homemade salsa-perfectly ripened mango-avocado portion and a sliced cucumber-lettuce-olive oil-raisins base. I had the body wiggles all through lunch!

Warning: Salad may be tastier than it appears

Though I’ve done intense cleanses twice before, it seems no two cleanses are the same. It’s a brand spankin’ new phenomenon every time. Unique lessons are learned and my physical reactions haven’t been entirely consistent either. Then again, this is the first time I’m doing a cleanse for more than a week, totally independent of a spa or friend/coach, and with a group of three friends. That, and the most important difference: on this cleanse, I can eat solids. Twice a day during this Gentle Phase, once a day in next week’s Power Phase.

The daily sched is rather rigorous . . .

6:30 – Bentonite clay and psyllium husk shake

8:00 – Alkalizer, greens supplement, herbs

9:30 – Shake

11:00 – Herbs

12:30 – Lunch, alkalizer, greens supplement, enzymes, minerals

2:00 – Herbs

3:30 – Shake

5:00 – Herbs

6:30 – Dinner, alkalizer, greens supplement, enzymes

8:00 – Herbs

9:00 – Probiotics

Part of the reason I love these cleanses is they help you press the ‘reset’ button if your nutritional lifestyle’s been gettin’ outta whack for any reason. And as we all know, there are millions of reasons why that could happen! Stress at work, loneliness, travel, feeding a family of varied tastes, perceived lack of time, laziness and the binding effects of good old fashioned habit.

I consider myself a relatively conscious eater, but these cleanses are always beneficial, physically and psychologically. It’s not easy keeping this mind when I look up and there’s a delightful box of dark chocolates staring back at me on my workplace desk. But I enjoy the challenge. Having the chocolates there is a reminder: of course I’m free to partake in whatever I want, but I’ve made a choice to complete this detox in as positive and thorough a way as possible.

And that’s exactly what’s goin’ on./em>


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