Life Update


Hello out there!  Not sure that anyone is reading this anymore – and why should you?  I haven’t written anything in ages.  So much for the ‘weekliness’ of The Weekly Jo!

After the Project Surya fundraiser for Japan, I was utterly pooped.  There was still a lot to do, wrapping things up, thank you emails, sorting though pictures, donation paperwork, and after all that, I kinda just checked out of all creative side projects.  I’ve been keeping up with teaching yoga twice a week, now that we have a dedicated crew and official schedule.  But aside from that, no writing, no studies, no sewing or collages.  Just … downtime.

And it’s been necessary.  With the 130 degree temperatures, and the occasional jaunt to the city, I’ve needed all the energy I can get.  On top of that, the social scene here at the hotel has taken a few new twists and I’ve really had to focus to keep myself from being effected by it all.  Thank jah for yoga!

We have 39 days to go, not that we’re all *watching* the calendar or anything!  Most of the kids have gone home.  It’s finally time to prepare for the next chapter.  Awwww yeeeeah.

In this next month, I’ll be working intensely on a Yoga Philosophy course with Georg Feuerstein, the West’s foremost academic on yoga.  I’m also repositioning this website from a UAE blog/yoga life magazine … to … “ international yogi of mystery takes over the world!”  :oD

I have over 16 stops planned over the course of the next year, where I’ll be visiting friends and family, teaching yoga, learning yoga, and writing my heart out to gain entry into a Masters program next year.  More to come … promise!


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