Songs to Serenade Me With

Well, they’re mostly songs I’d like to hear in a serenade sesh . . .

In all these videos, if it’s not the song that makes me melt, it’s the singer . . . or the aesthetic . . . or in the case of the Bill Cosby track, the charm of the giggle!

Here we have the former member of Tony Toni Tone!, Raphael Saadiq, who should probably have been born in another era – but I’m pretty stoked he happens to be charming the pants off me in ours.

Production on this track is KILLER.

Not sure how to dance to dubstep?  Let Bill Cosby show you what’s up:

The best hip hop album I’ve heard this year was actually made in 2007.  This video features the main cat, Baloji, and a brilliant troupe from somewheres in Africa, Konono No.1.  Check and adore ~

Blackalicious’ last album wasn’t quite up to par with the last two releases (upon first listen), but this was a definite standout:

An old skool classic, directed for Bjork by Mr. Chris Cunningham.  Oh how I love thee.

Jamie Lidell just keeps on givin’ it!  Released last year, this track’s off his latest album, Compass.  Someone out there’s gonna be singing these songs to me one day, I feel it . . .


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