Pressure Cookin’ Kids

According to a new documentary being promoted on CNN, America’s youth are under too much pressure.

Are we truly “educating the creativity out of our children?”  And even if we were, would shutting down AP programs at high schools actually work toward preventing stress and promoting creativity?

Check out this interesting interview with a documentary film maker, former Wall Street Journal lawyer, and mother of a stressed out kid, courtesy CNN.

Personally, with the exception of one time at a very young age, I never felt pressure from either of my parents to perform with greater intensity than I was already exhibiting.  Most of my motivation came from somewhere within.  I found all the time I needed to perform in all the college pre-requisite categories, as did most of my friends.  Then again, we were growing up in Hawaii, where everything feels easier – not a bad side effect of paradise!

Certainly there must be alternative approaches we can enlist to promote well-rounded successful students in the States, without forming ulcers.  Modernising the language used in the home and school is one general method mentioned in the short interview.

How about visualization, breathing and secular meditation techniques?  Just how open would schools be – private and perhaps even public – to scientifically-proven methods in reducing stress?

And just to provide a little musical background, some classic Queen . . . UNDAH PRESSHAH . . .


2 thoughts on “Pressure Cookin’ Kids”

    1. Hello ~ 😉 ~ AP stands for ‘Advanced Placement’ – they’re classes for high school kids that want to take college level courses for credit their Junior and Senior years. They’re offered in all subjects including English Literature, History (various), Psychology, Art, etc.

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