Bra Strap Bag: Useless No Longer!

Ever wonder what to do with those bra strap bags you get with a ‘fancy’ bra purchase?  Perhaps some of you are thinking, “Well, I put my bra straps in there.”

OK, so you could use them like that too – OR, you could transform that bag into an evening of luxury!  Or, at least an hour of so uber relaxing bath time 😉

Just buy some loose leaf chamomile and bath salts, and voila!  You’ve made your first custom mix bath soak.  They can also make great little gifts, especially to friends.  And seeing as today is technically Valentine’s Day, it could be a sweet way to show someone you care.

Try it with lavender essential oil for a soothing experience, or a touch of rose to rejuvenate your mood.

Check out this list of aromatherapy oils and their uses below.  Most are easily found at your local health food or natural healing store (unless you live in the middle of nowhere – like moi).


2 thoughts on “Bra Strap Bag: Useless No Longer!”

  1. hehe, full-on fu-fu. V’s secret is all about them . . . and their multi-purpose strappy switcheroo bras mean you really only need one. genius.

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