Olo! It’s Musico I Digo!

Olo!  And welcome to the first tune-related posting of 2011 (and the crowd goes wiiiiiiiild!).  Here are some tasty tid bits on my little playlist:


Slicin’ it up proper.  Madlib does it again (and has done it again, in more recent volumes, since, but this is the one I’m listening to now ;))


I saw these four cutie pie hipster homies called Vampire Weekend on the SNL hosted by my future husband, Zach Galifinakis.  Thanks Zach.  Everyday you make my life better.


Hot Chip never fail me.  Stunning vocals, catchy hooks, intelligent layers – think I’m in love.


Seefeel – Warp’s latest addition to the roster.  As per usual, good call, guys.


Gil Scott Heron – I’m New Here (XL Recordings).  What the what now?  GSH has a NEW record out?!  My world has just improved ten fold.


Gold Panda – Same Dream China.  Oooh.  Satin for my ears.


Jake Shimabukuro taking Thriller to the ukulele – ho, Hawaiian!


James Blake re-cools emo on The Wilhelm Scream.


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