Websites Galore!

I’m sick at home – yet again, cheers, kids! – so I figured I may as well make this time productive.  As seva to three of my teachers, two in India, one in Tucson, I’ve created for them brand spankin’ new websites!

Most recently completed is the site for Lisa Schrempp, the only teacher in Arizona certified to teach Ashtanga in the state of Arizona. Lisa’s passion for and dedication to the yogic path has been a true inspiration to me as a student and teacher. Her old site will soon be featuring the new site, created by yours truly, using WordPress. It’s nothing fancy, and we’re still working out kinks here and there, but she’s happy with the improvement so I am feeling very happy today!

Before that, I created a site for my teacher in Rishikesh, Surinder Singh, a Sikh family man who made the jump from being a professional engineer to a full time yoga teacher. As I’m in this transition phase, his advice has been so nurturing and helpful. On top of that, he is one the most joyful and gentle souls I have ever been blessed to meet.

And the first of the seva websites was for Raju Vajpayee – asana gold medalist, teacher of children, models, tourists, and the infirm. Raju is a fireball of yogic tapas, igniting one’s practice with a unique channeling of pitta-tinted love!  Raju is the owner and director of Om Shanti Yoga Niketan in Banares, the oldest lived-in city in India. I happened across his teaching space and in just a few visits he had assisted me into postures I’d never dreamed of doing on my own – and made quite an accurate summation of a second chakra imbalance I’d been concerned with at the time! He’s an intellectual, a healer, a family man, an awesome yoga teacher, and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Collaborations are being contemplated but the idea for these sites came way before any talks about opening teacher training schools or touring together.  I have a feeling those possibilities were the flowers of this seva’s planting.  Seva seeds.  Works every time!  :o) *

*What the heck is ‘seva’?  The sanskrit word means ‘service, working for the benefit of others.’


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