Dubai: Part 2/3

A Dip Into Dubai Yoga

Well, when the external vibe isn’t there, there’s only one place to go – internal!  We hit up one of the best yoga studios in Dubai, Zen, with three locations throughout the bustling metropolis.  With a one week pass, we saved a significant amount of dosh only after three classes – and we would have done more classes, had the studio not been closed for the holidays.  The atmosphere was welcoming and chilled out, though surprisingly small.  And the teachers were pretty good.

As a teacher myself, there are certain things I look out for in a good class – knowledgeable instruction (in terms not just of physiology but the psychology and mythologies behind postures), do-able classes (instructions I can follow without having to watch the model poses the entire time, which can be very distracting when you’re in a groove), and a third-eye vibration in savasana.  That last one’s not easy to hit, especially if I’ve allowed myself to be distracted by some other aspect of the class I would have done differently.  But I try to approach every class with a beginner’s mind :o)

They were lovely classes, a multi-level vinyasa, an intermediate Ashtanga, and a multi-level Hatha taught by a substitute.  None of the classes hit all three ideal points, but the Ashtanga class came closest.  If anything, my Dubai yoga taste test gave me confidence that I could (and will) teach full time in a big city studio sometime in the future.

Actually, the big goal is to have my own studio one day where I can teach yoga to Native Hawaiians for free!  But that’s a long ways down the road…

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