It’s been over a week since my last post – oh no!  My first violation of the ‘weekly’ promise of The Weekly Jo.  My bad, ya’ll, it’s been a bit of a tough few weeks!

Two girls suddenly left the country from our group of teachers – one of whom I had a strong connection with, not to mention plans to travel to Egypt together.  Hopefully, we’ll work it out, main thing they’re both in happier places.

On top of that, one of the men here died of pneumonia.  Bless his heart and my condolences to his family … a horrendous situation to deal with, having your son, or your fiancee, pass away from something so treatable.  And so far from home.

Then there were personal things on my end as well.  Whew!

So, thank jah for MUSIC!  Here are a few songs that’ve kept me dancin’ …

Oh Bjork, how you tickle me so …

This is my go-to happy yoga song! If you’re not into chanty stuff, it may not be the track for you – but goddamn does it put a smile on my face :O)

Life is LOVE lived … that’s all it is …

Mali to Memphis. Drench yo’self in buttery blues, with a hint of African spice.  Mmm, that’s delicious!

Click here to check it out on Last FM!

And just because it’s the 20th anniversary of sweet sweet Ninja Tune …


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