I’ll give you a topic …

menstruation is simply taboo.  Discuss.”

Let’s face it, ladies.  The one sure-fire way to send a man running is to bring up that scarlet letter of topics – the big red herself – menstruation.  Even if you’re simply complaining of a cramp, or pondering the due date of the next round aloud, for most dudes, it’s just not on.

Women, of course, can handle it.  We can handle menstruation chat – and most of us could get down with some of the less tasteful titter ’bout men’s issues.  Like beard stubble … or … ball sweat.  But these are grooming concerns – gross – and entirely trivial.  Menstruation, on the other hand, is a major player in what makes reproduction, the continuation of our species, possible.

Too heavy for ya?  Only the first few days, darling!

The very appearance of the word menstruation opens up the forum to a whole host of issues regarding propriety, gender types, female vs. feminine, and what’s the obsession with pink?!  As a final project for uni, Kathe Ivansich created a line of fictitious skateboards called MENSTRUATION SKATEBOARDS <shock, horror!>  Check out her commentary below:

“The topic of my final project at university was founding a fictitious skateboard label for girls. It has always seemed inappropriate to me that skateboard labels universally count on a discriminatory design for their female customers. To hell with pink, butterflies or floral patterns. Girls who actually like this girly shit don’t skate, they ride horses and read “Wendy”. “Menstruation Skateboards” is a confident, feminist, polarising Corporate Identity Project based on a market niche and it is anything but nice. January 2007″


Granted, in most circles, talk of liquids oozing from just about any orifice is generally only done on the rare occasion – depending on company, timing, and … the number of drinks you may’ve had in the evening!  But to talk about this vital process in human life, or even some of the side effects, shouldn’t put fear into the hearts of sister-less men everywhere.  If anything, it’d probably help a brother out to understand the subtleties of that time of the month.

But what would happen if dudes got to ride the cloth pony, shouldered the curse, or … dealt with PMS?!  It’d probably make war look like a walk in the park!  The number of tampons or pads you went through during the week would inevitably become grounds for competition.  “Bro, I went through seven Tampax ULTRAS last week.  Beat that!”

Just because only 50% of the population experience something, that doesn’t mean we should avoid the topic all together.  I’m totally open to talking about male pattern baldness!   :o)   But seriously, so many woman-specific issues are kept to a whisper, like menstruation, and even rape.  If we can talk openly about serial killers, what’s so scary ’bout the flow?


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