Arab Female Authors Rock the IPAF

The International Prize for Arabian Fiction saw an increase of over 81% in female submissions this year.  A total of 123 entries from 17 countries across the Arab world have been received, including writers from Saudi Arabi, Palestine, Syria, Algeria, Iraq and the UAE.  With writers haling from all corners of the Arab world, some even from terribly war-torn regions, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Shortlisted authors will receive $10,000 – with the winner receiving an additional $50,000 – and the opportunity to reach a new audience of readers through translations of their winning novel.

Image from the Rebellious Arab Girl Blog

The prize is supported by the esteemed Booker Prize Foundation and funded by the Emirates Foundat and is open to authors whose novels are written in Arabic.  Women now make up 29% of entries, compared to 16% last year.  Submissions were made by publishers and were limited to three published novels per entrant.  Although the judges’ identities have not been revealed, the public will hear full details during the announcement of the short listing on December 9th of this year.

Watch this space!


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