Trucker Goes Raw: Loses 178 lbs!

Ever wondered what would happen if you actually went ‘raw’?  And then thought twice because that would just be insane! – ?

Well, meet the inspiration of the week, Trucker Dave, who lost 178 pounds in one year after he went 95% raw.   He shrank 41 inches off his waistline, got rid of 19 pharmaceutical medications, beat diabetes in just four days, went from stage 2 colon cancer to not having any at all, oh, and he cured himself of kidney disease as well!

How the *&%$ did he do that?

The solution was simple – Dave took the plunge and went fully raw!  Ooooh baby, we like it raaaaaaw …

Dave hooked it up with Gabriel Cousens, medical doctor, raw foods pimp, and rather controversial character.  I’d first heard of Dr. Cousens when I worked with Natural News in Tucson, Arizona.  His raw foods getaway Tree of Life is pretty legendary in the worlds of raw and healing, providing workshops and long-term classes for people looking to incorporate raw food, juicing and yoga into their lifestyles – the doc’s wife, Shanti, spearheads the complimentary yoga classes.  There has, as with most public figures, been some question as to Gabriel Cousens’ methodologies, and even his credentials as an MD.  For those who’ve found refuge in his advice on nutrition, however, the proof is in the pudding (vegan, of course).

Check out Gabriel Cousens’ recipe for ALL RAW CHULLAH here!

So Dave found a community and healing regime that resonated with him at the Tree of Life, and though his lifestyle as a trucker was a big challenge to leading the life of a raw foodie, he stuck to it – and got amazing results!  I was pretty much raw for several months in Tucson, and I have to say, I never felt more energetic and light.  A food processor and juicer go a long way with raw foods, and you’d be surprised at the variety of flavors and textures you can actually produce. I highly recommend trying it out, even just for a week  – and after seeing this video, there’s no excuse not to!

Here are some excellent websites on raw food recipes (there’s more to it than salad, I assure you!)

Gabriel Cousens’ Sacred Challah Total Preparation Time:

Gabriel Cousens’ Sacred Challah

This is the challah served at the weekly Shabbat (Sabbath) ceremony each week at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. You may also make it as a basic bread recipe.

•    2 C almond flour

-To make almond flour, blend 2 1/2 C soaked almonds with 2 cups of water in a blender. Strain the mixture through a fine mesh bag. Use the liquid as almond mylk. Dehydrate the almond pulp on a Teflex sheet at 90 degress for 8-10 hours, or until completely dry.
•    1.5 C Coconut water

•  3/4 C golden flax seeds, ground

• 1 1/2 t Celtic salt
•    3 grains buckwheat, soaked
•    3 C Ground Flax seed (golden is preferable, but brown will work)
•    1 C lemon juice (use less for a more mild “sourdough” flavor)
•    ½ C – 1 C Coconut Oil (start with less and add more if needed)

•    Process the grain with a little bit of water (a couple TBSP) in a cuisenart food processor until sticky and dough-like and until the grain is sufficiently ground
•    Grind 3 C of flax in the vitamix until no whole seeds are visible.
•    In a large bowl, combine the processed grain, 1 C of the ground flax (the other 2 cups are used as flour to roll the braids for the challah), coconut water, lemon juice, coconut oil, and salt.
•    Mix all ingredients together by kneading the dough with your hands until the texture feels like bread dough.  You may need to add some water if it is too thick, or add some coconut flakes if it is too runny.  Be conservative with the oil and only add enough until the dough does not stick to your hands when kneading it.

To roll the challah:
•    Create 12 equal sized balls from the dough.  Each one of these balls will be one loaf.
•    Take one of the 12 balls and divide it into 3 equal smaller balls.  These 3 smaller balls will be your strands to braid with.
•    Sprinkle a TBSP or so of ground flax on a smooth surface like flour.
•    Cover all 3 of the small balls with the flax flour.
•    Roll one of the balls into a strand about 8 inches in length.  Repeat with the 2 remaining balls.  All strands should be of equal length.
•    Place the 3 strands parallel to one another on the surface and pinch the ends together on one side.
•    Braid the challah.
•    Repeat 11 times.

Dehydrate at 115F for 4-8 hours depending on humidity and altitude.

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