Musica Vids for Your Viewing Pleasure

Teaching in the middle of pretty much no where, and certainly no longer a part of the music industry, keeping a finger on “the pulse” is just about as feasible as keeping my kindergarteners from snotting on themselves.  Yeah.  Impossible.

However, thanks to the magic of the intrawebs and the occasional hour long sesh on a handful of old virtual haunts, I’ve still been able to find a few new tunes to keep me on a level.  They’re not all new, and most of them don’t even have official videos (in fact, none of these below do!).  But here’s my Top 5 Tracks of the moment, the soundtrack to week 3 in the UAE.

1. Dance or Die by the Kansas sensation Janelle Monae – with SAUL WILLIAMS!  By far, the best track on this album, which, though brilliantly produced, is just a bit too trend-of-the-moment 60’s to be a full-album classic for me.  I heard this track on the Gilles Peterson show – one more gem discovered in the UK master’s vaults.

2. The Roots are back yet again, covering a range of songs fulla funk and political savvy.  One of my faves off first listen, Our Generation

3. Old release, but this song just tickles the romantic in me.  Check out the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Hysteric.

4. Get yer minimalist fix with just about any track by Pantha Du Prince – who recently worked w/ Panda Bear of Animal Collective on an oddly vocal track off his last album.  This little nugget of noise is from his first full length, The Bliss.  A carry over from last year’s Thailand dream …

5. Suggested to me by a dear old friend, something to listen to when you’re feeling like the world’s on your shoulders… Jefree‘s shoulda-been-classic, Mr. Fixit (do appreciate the momentous intro…)


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