Harnessing the Power of the Mind

A new wave of technology is hitting the market, fresh out of development in private, public and university settings. Designed to read the millions of messages the brain communicates through the reading of brainwaves (beta, alpha, theta, delta, etc.), these devices are similar to the EEG machine – minus the hideous electrodes pasted to your skull!

The reading of brainwaves has been used in psychology for decades.  More recently, South Korea’s archery team trained using biofeedback to increase their accuracy and focus.  The implications are incredibly broad. Improve your memory, up your golf game, fulfill your fantasies of telekinesis!


One of the more socially conscious inventions, recently featured on the Discovery Channel, is a non-aggressive socio-responsible gaming line, specifically designed to encourage users to learn how to access certain brainwaves to simply relax.  The more relaxed you are (the more beta waves you emit to the headset), the further along your character goes in the game!  Meditators, ya’ll should be ROCKIN’ this one…

This technology has the potential to make leaps and bounds in education, ADD, autism, post-traumatic-stress-disorder, brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, and even Parkinson’s Disease.  One San Jose-based company working with such prestigious universities as Brown and Korea University is Neurosky.

Check out their Jedi Training Tower and company schpiel below to get caught up!

Grounded in Medical Research

The last century of neuroscience research greatly increased our medical understanding about the brain and the rich energy it emits. Brainwave patterns of varying frequencies combine to form electrical signals detectable on the scalp. Measuring this has historically required complex, intimidating and immovable equipment costing thousands of dollars, limiting the benefits to the medical research community.

For a broad market, NeuroSky ThinkGear technology senses analog electrical brainwaves and processes them into digital signals to make measurements available to power the user-interface of games, computers and medical applications. NeuroSky has worked within this academic trove of research and pioneered technology for broad use in consumer products, educational electronics and medical devices. The next century will be characterized by a much deeper understanding of the brain. Technologies from NeuroSky will be instrumental in the effort to harness, maintain and heal this most vital of human organs.

Brainwaves, Not Thoughts

Our stainless alloy sensor monitors neural signals, inputting them into our ThinkGear ASIC chip, which processes the signal. A monumental hurdle lies in distinguishing brain signal from the noise that comes from ambient environment, muscle movement, chewing, etc. Such noise interferences are digitally filtered out and eliminated. Raw brain signals are amplified and processed by algorithms—delivering concise input to the device with which the user is interfacing. Algorithms come from both NeuroSky as well as research institutions and universities, and are grounded in decades of clinical research. They currently include “attention”, “meditation,” and physical eyeblinks. Many new algorithms are in development with partners. NeuroSky technology accurately measures mental state brainwaves today, but is busy in labs throughout the world advancing development in new areas of emotional EEG, EMG (muscle movement), EOG (optical movement) and ECG (cardiac behavior).

MindSet for Developers and Consumers

The NeuroSky MindSet headset is our first manifestation available for the consumer market. As a turnkey consumer or research acquisition tool, it measures electrical impulses generated by mental activity, and uses proprietary algorithms to calculate the observed types of brain behavior. For consumer games and education, The MindSet makes calculated brainwave levels and interpreted mental states (currently “attention” and “meditation”) available as digital input for computers, software, and devices. There are currently over a dozen games and educational applications available for download. For sophisticated developers, raw unfiltered brainwave measurements are available through use of our SDK. Data is fed to the computer via wireless Bluetooth.

Developers Meet Developers Meet Consumers

Our open platform is a marketplace gathering of early adopters of all walks. From visionary game developers to university algorithm mathematicians to medical research scientists; everyone will find a buyer in the BCI value chain. Consumer traffic to the Neurosky.com site is the point of monetization for many developers, although many business models and distribution channels exist through distributors and retailers worldwide.

Our technology principles:

1) Easy to use

2) Non-invasive

3) Single-Dry sensor

4) Untethered Mobility

5) Access to both raw data or algorithmically optimzed data.

6) Open platform for any industry

We pride ourselves on pioneering mass-market, Brain Computer Interface technology (BCI) that is user-friendly and cost effective. In addition to the current applications using BCI, including toys made by Mattel and Uncle Milton, we actively support opportunities for broader and more socially beneficial applications of our technology. We are honored to be working with the world’s leading brands, universities and minds in ADD, autism, post-traumatic-stress-disorder, brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, and many others.

MindSet is Only the Beginning

The value created by NeuroSky comes from expertise in the melding of science and technology with our creative vision, which is driven by a simple mantra; “what if?” We are experts in the field of Brain-Computer Interface and the first solution that brings the power of the mind to consumers, in ways that have only been dreamed of…until now.

Our ASIC is a programmable chip that can integrate into any BCI form factor, combined for a multi-sensor solution, with an option to hard code to protect your IP. The MindSet is a brainwave interface headset with medical-grade data acquisition for research or consumer use. It leverages Bluetooth for ultimate mobility and includes both audio and voice support in addition to core BCI capabilities.


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