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Meet the Blobfish

September 16, 2013



Poor Mr. Blobfish.  He has the unfortunate claim to being the ugliest animal on the planet, at least according to The Ugly Animal Preservation Society.  Today I’m grateful for both his awesomely ugly face (not a bad giggle for a Monday!), and for being born a human!   Blobfish wins ugliest animal vote By Victoria […]

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Big, Da Family!

September 8, 2013



Hawaii families tend to be pretty massive.  Not because we have more kids out here than in other parts of the world, though I would say this is an ideal place to start a family.  The size of a Hawaii family feels a lot bigger, mostly because of the generous inclusion of extended members, a […]

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Inspiration and Chai – Wisdom from the Dying

September 5, 2013



What could be more poignant than heartfelt life advice from people who are facing the end? Inspiration and Chai is a blog by an Australian palliative care nurse, Bronnie Ware; press surrounding her book based on her experience has been circulating for about a year, but I only *just* heard about it this last week.  I […]

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